Planning a Move with Kids
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Planning a Move with Kids

I feel kids are one of life’s greatest gifts to parents. However, planning a move with little ones in your home can be extremely stressful. While you vigilantly pack belongings in boxes, your kids might begin determinedly unpacking them. Or you may not find the time to pack your things until your children go to bed at night. At that point, you might feel too tired to get started. If you can relate to these scenarios, consider hiring a reputable moving company. Professional movers can do the heavy lifting for you while you do what you know how to do best, take care of your kids. On this blog, I hope you will discover the undeniable benefits of hiring a moving company and how you can handle a move stress-free.

Planning a Move with Kids

House Moving Doesn't Have To Be Daunting If You Start Early And Choose The Right Supplies

Florence Gomez

If this is the first time you've moved in years, or it's the first time moving since you bought a house and filled it with belongings, you may be experiencing a mixture of excitement and dread. House moving doesn't have to be stressful, though. Organization is key, and that includes choosing the right moving boxes and packing them properly. Here are some tips for packing and moving your belongings.

Protect Your Beds With Mattress Boxes

Mattress boxes protect your mattresses from dirt, spills, rips, and other damage. You buy the boxes folded down so they're easy to get home. Then, you enclose your mattress in plastic for added protection and slide it in the box.

A mattress box is in two pieces so it's easier to work with. Once both pieces are on the mattress, you can tape the seams closed, and your mattress will be protected during your move and during storage if you need to keep your things in a storage unit temporarily.

Safeguard Your Electronics With TV Boxes

If you tossed out the original boxes your televisions came in, you can buy boxes made for TV sets for the best protection. These boxes are made of two parts, with a slightly smaller side that slides into the other. This makes the box adjustable for any size television. Some boxes come with foam padding already inside and handle areas cut out for easy moving.

Hang Your Clothes In Wardrobe Boxes

Instead of taking your clothes off hangers, folding them, and packing them in boxes, just use wardrobe boxes instead. Wardrobe boxes have bars across the top so you can pull your clothes out of the closet and hang them inside the box. This protects your clothing and makes packing and unpacking them go a lot faster.

Talk To Your Mover About Small Specialty Boxes

You'll have a lot of small items to pack and move, too, and choosing the right boxes is important for preventing damage and for making your move easier. You can buy document boxes that hold hanging files from your home office so you don't have to worry about documents getting mixed up. There are boxes made for packing books, kitchen dishes, tall items, heavy items, and fragile belongings.

Your mover might even sell moving kits that have standard boxes of different sizes that stack on each other. If you plan to do your own packing, you'll appreciate having the proper boxes.

Moving can seem like a scary experience, but if you book your mover early, start packing in advance, stock up on the right moving supplies, and have a plan outlined for everything you need to do, you might find house moving to be a fun and exciting time for your entire family.